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Die Trainerin
"My job is to get the best out of my customers and get them safely to their goal."

Theory is good, practice is better.

Thanks to regular further training, my many years of experience as an active competitive athlete, group course instructor and personal trainer, I have the expertise to create a training program tailored to you and to always make the training sessions very versatile and varied.

Premium Personal Trainer Peyia Paphos

I will cater specifically to your wishes and we will decide together what your personal training could look like. You are the focus of my attention and should feel well looked after by me!

  • Lecturer at aeronet europe - sports & business academy

  • Betriebliche Gesundheitsmanagerin (IHK)

  • Pilates Master trainer at aeronet Europe - sports & business academy

  • Fitness trainer B

  • Nutrition coach

  • Rehab trainer

  • Health trainer

  • Pilates Trainer Mat & Reformer Polestar

  • Rückenfitness Trainerin

  • TRX Group Fitness Trainer

  • Faszientrainer

  • Crossfit Trainer

  • Athletic Trainer

  • Group Fitness Trainer

  • Aquagym Trainer

  • Bodybuilding Trainer


Die Athletin
"Not possible!" is not an option!

My enthusiasm for movement began as a child with ballet. As a teenager, jazz dance became my new passion as it gave me more freedom and opportunities for expression. I danced for over 10 years and was able to develop a very good body awareness as a result.

Personal Trainer for gymnastics

When I was 19, I came across a bodybuilding magazine in which I was really impressed by the guys and girls. It was clear to me that I wanted to look like that one day and take part in fitness competitions.

At the time, however, I didn't have a clue about effective training and proper nutrition. What's more, it wasn't enough just to have a toned body in the fitness class. The athletes had to be able to do flickflacks, splits, one-armed push-ups and straddle jumps, among other things, which I also had to learn. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone who could help me with my training. So I had to do it myself! It turned out to be a long and bumpy road....

I gave it my all for a year and a half and then signed up for my first competition. It was a total flop because I didn't even make it to the final. The disappointment was huge and I was now more determined than ever! Another year passed before I was ready again. "This time I'll put them all in my pocket!" was my motto. And so it was! In the years that followed, I took part in European and World Championships with two top 5 placings. Guest appearances followed, sponsors approached me and twice I was even officially named Athlete of the Year by the International Federation of Bodybuilding Belgium (BIFBB). I had shown ambition, iron will, discipline and the willingness to go beyond my limits, learning a lot and getting to know myself from a new side. I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve and it was the best school of my life!

After 7 great years, the air was out. I just wasn't in the mood for those hard diets, the shows and all the pressure to perform anymore. Then I discovered Crossfit, where I had pretty much everything that makes a good crossfitter: strength, speed and gymnastics skills.

It only took a few months and, poof, I was back in the competition team and performing again. 

Today I mainly train using the Ido Portal method. At almost 40, I'm still trying to keep myself in shape by switching to bodyweight exercises and calisthenics, combined with acrobatics and mobility training. It's the best workout for me at the moment, but I'm sure it won't stop there......

Awards & medals

Zu meinen wichtigsten Erfolgen in meiner Karriere als Athletin gehören

folgende, um nur einige zu nennen:


6. Platz Crossfit Cry me a River-Challenge


62. Platz in Deutschland bei den Open Crossfit Games 


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Bodyfitness

2. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness 

Teilnahme an der IFBB EM & WM (nicht für's Finale der Top 5 qualifiziert)


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Bodyfitness

1. Platz Benelux Open IFBB Bodyfitness

Teilnahme an der IFBB EM & WM (nicht für's Finale der Top 5 qualifiziert)


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness

5. Platz Europameisterschaft IFBB Fitness

15. Platz bei der IFBB WM (nicht für's Finale der Top 5 qualifiziert)

Auszeichnung zur Athletin des Jahres IFBB Belgium


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness

Auszeichnung zur Athletin des Jahres IFBB Belgium


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness

5. Platz Europameisterschaft IFBB Fitness

12. Platz Weltmeisterschaft IFBB Fitness


1. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness


3. Platz belgische Meisterschaft IFBB Fitness

IFBB Weltmeisterschaft 2001

IFBB Weltmeisterschaft 2001

Rio de Janeiro, wo ich den 12. Platz belegte

IFBB Europameisterschaft 2003

IFBB Europameisterschaft 2003

IFBB Europameisterschaft 2003, wo ich den 5. Platz belegte. Hier mit Urs Zumstein

Europameisterschaft IFBB 2003

Europameisterschaft IFBB 2003

Ich belegte den 5.Platz hinter Rumänien, Ukraine, Slowakei und Russland

Finale Open Benelux 2006

Finale Open Benelux 2006

Ich belegte den 1. Platz

Europameisterschaft 2006

Europameisterschaft 2006

Ich belegte den 5. Platz

Belgische Meisterschaft 2005

Belgische Meisterschaft 2005

1. Platz

IFBB Europameisterschaft 2003

IFBB Europameisterschaft 2003

Hier mit Urs Zumstein

IFBB Weltmeisterschaft

IFBB Weltmeisterschaft

Performance-Kür in Rio de Janeiro

Europameisterschaft Kiev

Europameisterschaft Kiev

Performance in der Fitness-Kategorie auf der Europameisterschaft in Kiev

Athletin des Jahres 2002

Athletin des Jahres 2002

IFBB Belgium



Die Frau
"I trust my gut feeling."

If I had to describe myself in just one word, that word would be authentic.

My intuition and gut feeling play a big role in this. I always try to be attentive and listen to my inner self. This really helps me to be true to myself, to my strengths and weaknesses and therefore to be able to make decisions consistently.


Geburtsjahr: 1978

Geboren in:  Belgien und auch dort aufgewachsen

Wahlheimat: Berlin

Sprachen: Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch, Niederländisch

Sternzeichen: Schütze

Premium Personal Training Peyia Paphos
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